“A greased mouth never speaks bad…. because with a full stomach no one complains”

In Prosciutteria Toscana is the possibility to taste the best of the traditional enogastronomica of Tuscany. ‘Bocca Unta’ is a rustic place, with great attention to detail; wines exhibited in old pallets and valuable barrels. Here you can only find genuine local products.
Rotating seasonal menus: different kinds of ham and cheese, cold cuts and salumi rigorously knife cut, the famous sheep cheese from Pienza, roasted bread with toppings, bread soup, seasonal soup, lasagne with cheese, pepper and bacon, sausages and beans, pork livers, Valdorcia tripe and grilled steaks. This all accompanied with excellent wines doc from our small wine cellar: white and red wine from Montepulciano, Vin Santo (sweet dessert wine) and fine grappas.


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